Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Only Time It's Acceptable to Write on The Walls & Focus Update

Sometimes, we don't brush our hair.
Sometimes we wear easter clothes in December.
Sometimes we write on the walls.
Growth Chart
It had been a while since we measured the girls. Like we expected, they are still growing. :)
Growth Chart
Dakota has a lot of catching up to do.
Growth Chart
Chey wanted to hold hands and Dakota wanted no part of it. PS Cheyenne dressed herself.
Growth Chart
Ford Focus Update
Good NEWS!!!! I got my car out of the shop, yesterday. It was an electrical issue. Trey tried to tell me that the dealership caught my car on fire. He's such a prankster, I knew he was lying. The electrical problem should be fixed now. Instead of renting a car for the two days it was in the shop, I payed Amanda to pick me up and drop me off. I've appreciated the help so much, especially since the roads have been icy. Transportation is important and even though you give someone gas money, it's not exactly convenient for them. I'm still a little concerned about my Ford Focus and Trey is still motivated to sell or trade it for another vehicle. I told him, he could do all the negotiating and the girls and I could stay home. I'd rather not be a part of that process. It just leaves a bad taste in mouth. What do you think? Do you enjoy car shopping or would you prefer to have someone else do all of it for you? I'll pick the vehicle and then I'll say bye once they start talking numbers. haha! Who knows if we will get another vehicle. Honestly, I really like my car…but I'm concerned about it's reliability based on the last two episodes we've had with it. Trey said, "We should've never strayed away from Honda." I'm starting to feel the same way.

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  1. Bummer about your car! I have an 8 year old Focus that I've been happy with. It's the only car we've bought brand new. Shopping for cars is fun, the buying process is not :) I hate negotiating/haggling. My husband will look up Blue Book value, do the research on what the car has actually been selling for, etc. and confidently negotiate a lower price. I just quietly sit next to him while he does all the talking :-p