Tuesday, December 10, 2013

18 Months & Finally Walking!

I call it walking, I think most people call it wobbling. All this down time, with no where to go, is what we needed in order to get this girl moving. We've been practicing non-stop for about 2 weeks, she has a week or maybe a month to go before she's stable, but this is what she can do, right now.

I've watched this video like a million times, her giggle and huge smile fill my heart! She is so proud of herself. I'm so proud of her.

My car is in the shop. It wouldn't start yesterday, so we called roadside assistance and they towed it from the house to the shop. It appears to be an electrical issue. This is the second time, it has been in for repairs (the first time was transmission)…which I find odd….since we purchased it brand new. Today, I'm thankful for car warranties. Trey is already car shopping for something new. As long as he stays clear of the minivans we are good! But honestly, I'm totally open to get a new vehicle. Seriously.

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