Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Dakota is 77 Weeks Old & Chocolate is Always Motivating

77 Weeks old
If you are like me, you are probably wondering how many months is 77 weeks.
What did I do before google search? I remember my mom had an encyclopedia set and I used it a few times, when I was in elementary school. I also remember using a typewriter to type my 7th grade history paper. Back then, some of my classmates had computers. I had a typewriter.
77 weeks equals
I found Dakota's motivation to walk, it's cookies! Earlier this week she took 9 steps for a chocolate chip cookie. So, naturally, I've been bribing her since. Another thing I've started is making her hold my hand to walk everywhere. Most of the time, she gets frustrated and tired, but I'm not giving up on her.
Dakota in Mudroom


  1. Jomi Anderson8:15 AM

    Love where she's at . She has her little hide out.

    1. Me too! She likes to hang out over there, that's her spot!