Monday, December 09, 2013

Being Iced in Has It's Perks

Like cleaning your house and rearranging furniture. My treadmill has been in the living room for at least a year….
Deep Cleaning
Well, today we rearranged the guest bedroom and put it back in there. I really like it in there. The girls can hang out with me and play. They can also watch TV, while I'm running. We even moved their little craft table in there. Is it strange, that I feel like the space seems bigger with the new layout???
We've played so much this weekend.  Oh, and Dakota is walking!!!!!!! I have a video to prove it. I'll post it soon!
This afternoon, was the first time, I left the house since Thursday afternoon. Trey was driving. while I was documenting. Oh, Tasha and Bella spent the last two nights at our house. She didn't have to work and we didn't have anywhere to go, so she just hung out with us for 2 solid nights. We had so much fun!

Trey and I went to the store to buy more food. Our fridge was starting to look bare. I was almost out of vegetables and I was completely out of fruit. Well, tomorrow I head back to work! It's been a wonderful weekend!

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