Thursday, November 07, 2013

Update on my girl

Yesterday, I only worked half a day because Chey was feeling sick (again). I thought she was well on her way to feeling better, but Amanda kept updating me and finally sent me a picture of how terrible Chey looked and said her lips and fingers were partially blue. That kind of freaked me out!

We headed to the doctors office and her test for the flu and strep came back negative. However, the doctor took another test (to review the cultures or something like that). We won't get those results until tomorrow, but until then she wanted Chey to take antibiotics. Her doctor is almost certain (even though the initial results came back negative) that she has strep. The results we get back tomorrow, might show that.

We got bored in the waiting room, so we played with Dakota's hair.
Doctors office waiting for results
And then we documented her cuteness.
Don't let this face fool you, she loved it.
Doctors office waiting for results
Today, I'm at work and the Chey seems to be feeling better. This sickness she's had, has certainly felt like a roller coster of a ride. One minute she appears well and the next minute she's not.

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