Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It's Always a Good Night When Mom Cooks & Sick Day at Home

Last night, my mom was in town and the best part was that she cooked for us. There was so much estrogen in the house, it's no wonder Trey went to bed at 9 pm, last night. He was like I can't leave, so I will sleep. I'm kidding, he loves us even when we annoy him with our girly chatter.
Dakota thinks she can color now. As long as she keeps markers on paper, I don't have a problem with that.
Dakota Coloring with Bella
Chey has been running a fever off and on for 2.5 days. This morning, I thought she was finally over it and we got ready for the day. I was heading to work and I was 5 minutes away from campus, when she threw up in the backseat. We've been at home all day. I've been taking care of her, giving her medicine, trying to get her to eat (applesauce and anything else she can stomach). I've also been keeping her hydrated. She has been good about drinking water today. Dakota is feeling fine and she has enjoyed this day at home. She's a momma's girl.
Dakota eating at craft table

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