Friday, November 08, 2013

My Week in Photos

I have new bakeware! I bought two pans from Sam's Club for $10 bucks, that's so cheap and they are restaurant quality!
Here is some cuteness.
and a little more.
The big kids put a puzzle together image
And Dakota was like, I can do one too!
In case you didn't know Dakota has a few teeth. image
For the first time ever this happened. This is a result of Amanda and I texting each other a bazillion times everyday. Trey and I recently updated phones. I got an iPhone 5s, this is my first upgrade in like 3 years. With the upgrade, we went ahead and went with an unlimited text plan. Hopefully, that kicks in soon. I took this image, when I was on my old phone.
Tomorrow, I'm running a trail race, I'll be running 31 miles! Yikes!!!!
Ok, that's all I have. Have a great weekend!

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