Monday, November 04, 2013

Race Week

It's race week and my long run this weekend didn't happen. Oh, well. I've put in quite a bit of miles, up until this point, so I will survive come race day.

Lately, I just don't want to workout. Sunday, I woke up, got dressed and I even started my run, but less than .10 miles in I said, I'd rather be at home. What's my deal? Oh, well...running for like 5 hours this Saturday should make up for lost time.
My plan this week:
Run at least 20 miles leading up to race day.
Eat sweet potatoes once a day.
Avoid pizza. It can irritate my stomach.
Buy a new head lamp! I keep forgetting to do this! I've been using Trey's for all the night trail races, but it's too big. Does that mean I can say Trey has a big head? It's time I get some head gear for myself, one that fits properly.
I have got to do as much work on a photo editing project as humanly possible. I'm in the middle of a project (small business work) and I don't want to be stressing about it, while I'm racing.

Race Day
Aim to have fun.
Hydrate smart.
Run at an easy pace -- do it and not just plan to do it!
Be okay with being slow, focus on Endurance not speed.
Remember to put petroleum jelly near my armpits because chaffing hurts.
FINISH STRONG. Finish like I could run a few more miles.

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