Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Space Ship Fancy

Last week, my washing machine died. It served our family for a longggg six years. What's up with appliances these days? It had enough of Trey's dirty work clothes, enough of my smelly Lululemon tanks, enough of Chey's streaked bottoms and I think the final straw was Dakota's leaky bloomers.

Here is a photo from a while back. The old washing machine is on the right side. We got it from Sam's Club when we moved into our home. We purchased the matching dryer, but there was a mistake and we ended up with this upgraded GE dryer. I like mistakes like that.
Laundry Room
This is our new LG washing machine. It has a lot of neat features, that I've already used and the coolest part is when it's done with a load, it plays a soothing jingle. Yes, in my opinion that is the best feature! The sanitary feature and speed wash is pretty cool too. It has lots of lights and buttons like a space ship.
New Washing Machine

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