Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm on Board with Any Program that Will Pay Me to Workout

Do you want to hear something cool?
My job offers a wellness program to full-time employees. 
Even though I've known about the program for several years, this is my first time to participate. Two years of my employment with this company, I was lactating (not consecutively, but cumulatively. details like this matter to me) and the other years, I don't know what I was doing (sitting at my desk, eating through my lunch break, editing videos, checking work emails and answering the phone)....Ha!

The campus program is called Quest Wellness: 
- Up to 1.5 hours of release time may be granted each week for the purpose of participation in physical activities.  It sounds like they are paying me to workout for 1.5 hours a week.
- I'm allowed to take 30 minutes of time to workout, 3 times per week and must contribute equal amounts of my own time to the physical activities.

Lately, I've been taking my lunch break and immediately following lunch I go to the campus gym. The campus membership is so stinkin' cheap. It is $20 dollars a month! I don't have to workout at the campus gym, but the physical activity has to take place on campus property. So, I could technically run outside or do jumping jacks for 30 minutes (they don't really care as long as I'm moving). But right now, it's hot outside. Luckily, the gym is pretty and clean and ohhhhh my goodness, it has an indoor track. 9 laps = 1 mile. My running cup, runneth over. 

Running at the gym also makes me feel 10 years younger. I like running with the students and I tell myself I'm blending in with them. I also like passing them on the track. 

Does your place of employment offer any cool programs like this? 


  1. That's so cool! I wonder if they do something like that here.

    1. I bet they do. Look at HR website and search Quest Wellness.