Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Nice to Have a Big Sister Around to Push You, When You Need It

I speak from experience on this one...My older sister moved to Ft. Worth, a few months ago and it's been wonderful, since I get to see her more often. Now, my younger sister, is in town. I'm not sure if she plans on staying here permanently, but she seems to be making steps that involve planting roots in Cowtown. I approve.

Lately, Cheyenne likes pushing Dakota around....literally, pushing her around. I have found that a tryicycle is the best option when she wants to push her little sister. This is the best way to please everyone involved.
"Ok, Dakota...I'm going to push you and you're going to like it."
"Chey, if you hurt me, I will chase you down. Well, first I will learn how to walk and then I will chase you down."
Cheyenne Teaches Dakota How to Ride a Tricycle
Chey accidentally ran over Dakota's foot. When Chey went to apologize Dakota pushed her away. She was like, don't touch me!
Cheyenne Teaches Dakota How to Ride a Tricycle
That's a push!!! You can hear me gasping!

She's good at going backwards.

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