Sunday, August 04, 2013

I'm Calling This Training Week a Blow-Out & Not So Sure About Rough Creek

That 20 mile long run never happened. Friday and Saturday, Trey got home after 11 pm, so I didn't want leave the house early with a chance of the girls waking him up. I knew he wanted to sleep-in. So, this week, I only ran 13 miles, total, instead of the thirty-something my training schedule said. Speaking of running, I'm kind of having second thoughts not only about Rough Creek 40 miler, but about participating at all with that race....I'm still trying to decide. It's not because I don't want to run or train, it's because I have a lot of freelance projects coming up and I have to conserve my vacation time. If I run Rough Creek, I'll have to take a few hours of vacation on Friday to drive -- to take the girls to Trey's mom. So, that's where I'm at with that...If anything if I decide to run it, I will not compete in the 40 mile distance, instead I'll run the half marathon which in trail running will feel more like 18 miles. ha!

I hope you guys are having a great weekend. While Trey was working I took the girls to Movie Tavern: Breakfast and a flick. We watched Smurfs 2. Dakota did okay. I didn't have to step out in the lobby this time. Later that night, I had a dinner date with THE GIRLS and by the girls, I mean, my girls, my niece and my sister, Amy. I bought burgers from In & Out and hung out at Amy's house. I told the In & Out employee I had 4 kids, so I needed 4 hats. I'm kind of like a kid.
In & Out In & Out
Amy trimmed Angelica's bangs and then told her she looked like Floyd, from dumb and dumber. MOM, not nice!
My niece Angelica
Dakota has two teeth coming in and she's doing great. I think she's over being grumpy about it. Yes!
Photo Booth With Dakota
Now, she likes to put things in her mouth. I've heard it helps soothe teeth. When she gets fussy, I give her orajel.
Photo Booth With Dakota

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