Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Little Trip that Gets Us Excited

We get excited about trips to the library! It's been a month or so, since our last one. Cheyenne was thrilled when I told her I'd get her a library card. When she gets older, I hope she is this excited to read on her own. My niece has the summer off, so she was also excited to get her hands on some books. I'm sure hours of TV and Internet gets old after awhile.

It's not a successful trip to the public library if I don't score a cookbook and a running book.
While I was browsing, I stumbled across Exploring Ft. Worth with Children.
Library Day
Without me even saying anything Cheyenne picked out several books for Dakota. She is so thoughtful.
Library Day
Rookie mistake, we forgot to take a book bag.
Interesting fact: I can check out 75 books at one time from my library! If I plan on doing that I will need a bigger stroller.
Library Day

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