Monday, June 17, 2013

A Compact Vehicle Brought Us Closer Together & A Weekend Wedding

This past weekend, we spent over 12 hours in the focus. We drove to Port Lavaca to visit my family.
It was a long drive....I'm so glad we took the focus and not the truck. We averaged 38 mpg on the highway.
Ft Worth to Port Lavaca
For about an hour I rode in the backseat with the girls. I was sitting directly behind Trey and had zero leg room. It makes me laugh thinking about it, but when I was pregnant with Dakota, Trey insisted we consider buying a fiat. We test drove one and everything. Although they are super cute cars, they are not practical for our family.
I finally got around to customizing the Sync Wallpaper, so I had pretty girls to look at during the trip - wether I was looking towards the front or back of the car, I could see my girls.
My cousin, Raquel got married this weekend and I recorded the ceremony. There was a dance at the reception and Cheyenne kept dragging Trey out on the dance floor. She freaked out when the played Taylor Swift's 22 song! That's her jam. When Trey and I were younger, he would tell me no to dancing, but he can't resist a 4 year old! How sweet is that??!! And he couldn't just dance with one girl. Hi, Dakota. We see you too.
Untitled Untitled
On our way out of town, we visited my grandmother. She gave Dakota her baby blanket. She makes all the grand babies in our family blankets. Dakota freaked when she saw her name weaved-in! It was jaw dropping, impressive.
Other than the exhausting drive, we managed to relax and I slept in both mornings.
Yesterday, as soon as I woke up, I got Trey donuts for father's day. He was still in bed sleeping, so I served him donuts in bed.
Here is my training from last week. I missed my long run. Oops!
Week 3 of 16 of Training

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