Wednesday, February 06, 2013

We've All Heard it, I Tried it and it Worked!

If a baby is fussy, set her on a washer or dryer. I did and guess, what?? It worked like a charm.
P.S. Mom, that's your favorite shirt. You left it at my house.
Dakota in the Laundry Room
Dakota probably stopped fussing because she was confused.
"What's going on????"
Dakota in the Laundry Room
Yesterday, she had a low-grade fever and runny nose. I'm putting the pieces together and I'm thinking this might be early signs of teething. However, she doesn't have bumps on her gums, yet.
Dakota in the Laundry Room
While I was admiring her little feet, I looked down and noticed her monster toenail. Yikes. I rarely cut her nails and I guess it shows.
Dakota in the Laundry Room
What are some baby myths/sayings you've heard about that sounded strange or a little off -- but ended up working? 

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