Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Leading Up to Christmas

This was a little gift I got from the Children's ministry team for volunteering in the nursery. About every other month, I volunteer and watch the bed babies during the church service.
How cute. Very Pinterest.
Speaking of drinks, I tried a few recipes over the break. This one sounded yummy, but I found out I'm not a fan of ground ginger. When it was all said and done, the only thing the drink was good for was for taking a picture of it.
I tried. It was yucky.
I got that cookbook and a few more from the library.
To my right...a fake fire keeping me toasty and coffee keeping me caffeinatedWe've been going there often. The girls enjoy checking out DVDs. Chey also enjoys getting easy to read books. Library
The girls made gingerbread houses at Rosa's house, while I worked.
Gingerbread house with Rosa
Leading up to Christmas, we also spent a lot of time at home, just being playful.
Barbie house
Barbie house
Cheyenne wanted to wrap her sister up in TP. I told her she could, but after she was done she would have to bag the TP and use it. I'm such a mom!
Christmas Eve, we went to church and then looked at Christmas lights.

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