Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lunch Breaks, Swim Dates and New Work Truck

Earlier this week, I met the girls while I was on my lunch break. We had a picnic at the park.
It would've been miserable, but we went to a park that had a lot of shade. I was able to meet them again, today for another lunch date. I love summer!
Lunch break. Lunch date.
Last week, Dakota and I went to Hurricane Harbor. We plan on going again soon (as soon as I can pry myself away from editing) and this time Cheyenne will join us!
Dakota and mommy date at Hurricane Harbor
Trey got a new service truck for his business. I won't be driving that around town, but it's great for him. It's hard to believe, but Twin Temp is now a 4 man crew. I'm happy they are doing so well.
Super Duty Twin Temp

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