Friday, March 20, 2015

I Got All Crafty: Sock Hop

Tonight, I took the girls to a Sock Hop at Cheyenne's school.
None, of our friends had a poodle skirt she could borrow, so I decided to make her one.

This is probably a one-time wear skirt. It looks put together and cute, but it will most likely fall apart at the waist, if she sneezes. We managed to make it through the night, so perhaps -- it's a 2 day old skirt?

Cheyenne is so kind. She told me I have the best fashion skills and she said it like she meant it.
She also kept twirling around. I mean who would want to twirl in a poddle skirt?

P.S. Dakota kept using her Frozen superpowers to freeze me. Dakota had a ball dancing! After the sock hop, we went out with friends for dinner. I'm going to see if maybe my mom can make the girls real poodle skirts, that they can wear longer than 5 hours.

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