Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Craving Warm Weather and Family Time

I thought I'd share a little short film I made of our family at Six Flags. This is actually a new service I'm offering. I'd love for family films to become as mainstream as family portraits. Wishful thinking, but wouldn't that be wonderful? Can you imagine how wonderful it will be for the girls to have all these short films to look back on when they are adults? I'm not talking about static portraits, I'm talking about excitement you can see in motion! I showed the girls this film and I promise, Dakota watched it at least 10 times. Finally, I had to say, "Ok, that's enough."

Dakota wants to know when we will be going back. Now, I'm hungry for weekends and warmer weather. Dakota can ride a lot of the rides in the kid area, as long as I ride with her. Trey gets motion sickness on small rides, so I'm the parent who gets to have all the fun.

The Anderson's (Family Film) from Dominique Anderson on Vimeo.

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