Monday, February 02, 2015

If They Made Me a Calendar

Have you seen that story of how three brothers recreated childhood photos, then made a photo calendar and gave it to their mom?  What a sweet gift! I can't help, but think of my girls. I wonder what images they would recreate, if they ever decided to do that for me…

They only have a million photos to choose from, so it might be hard for them...

Did you watch the Super Bowl? We watched it at Chad and Katy's house. The kids played, the men watched the game in the den and the girls huddled around and talked. Everyone gathered during halftime to watch Katy Perry perform. After halftime, Chey and I left, so I could get her to bed (Dakota stayed with Trey and got to stay up past her bedtime) and then I spent the rest of the night editing a wedding.
About the Super Bowl…What did you think about the commericals? I didn't get a chance to see all of them, but I loved the #LikeaGirl commercial. It's a positive message! If you haven't seen the commercial look it up on YouTube.

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