Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Have Sweet Friends

This past week, Chey was sick, well Wednesday I came down with a head cold, chills, fever and an ear infection. On top of all that Dakota started coughing.

Being sick is tough.

I committed to filming a wedding, so yesterday, I sucked it up and made it through a 13 hour work day.  I woke up that morning with high hopes, since I was feeling somewhat normal, but as the day progressed, my condition got worse. My voice was shot, I had to scream just for people to hear me -- which wasn't really a scream at all - it was more of a whisper. My ears were popping, and my throat felt like it was bleeding and throbbing. I could go on and on and say how horrible it was, but instead I'll turn my focus on the positive stuff, like today how my friends from church bought me goodies, when they heard I was not feeling well.

My friends Dan and Kristin brought me homemade chicken broth and Elderberry Syrup.
Rosa, my friend who watches the girls made Dakota and I cinnamon flavored water. Dakota loves this stuff. Oh, and Krista and Casey took Cheyenne to church today. My friends are the best!

Going back to Saturday ---
During the day, I tried to keep my energy up, by eating some quick snacks.

This was me at the wedding reception. All smiles, trying to smile my pain away. Smiling and being positive did help, some....I'm glad to be home and resting up. Night. Night.

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