Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When it's a Billion Degrees Outside, Find a Shaded Park

Yesterday, I took the girls to the park. We're crazy, right? Maybe not, we found a shaded park.

Even though it was burning up, it was a gorgeous sight.

Chey rode her bike, while Dakota and I played in the shade. By the way, Chey dressed herself and Dakota. Somebody is ready for football.

Later, we went home to clean. Dakota was like…."NO, I'll watch."
Now, the girls are in Abilene for the rest of the week, visiting with family. Earlier, they went shopping with Nana.

Ft. Worth people, I tried a new pizza place called Patrons Pizza. It's near Ridgmar Mall. It's soooo good!!! Our whole family ate there for under 21 dollars. It's a buffet and the pizza is extra thin and super crunchy! Trey didn't like it because the sauce had onions in it. What does he know??? I loved it!!!

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