Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Discovered a New Running Spot

This morning, I headed out for a long run. Sometimes, I'm not sure where to run. This morning I didn't have a plan, especially, since I'm not training for a race. This morning, I decided (as I was running away from my neighborhood), I wanted to be surrounded by trees, so I ran towards the Trinity Trails. The Trinity Trails looks like this…

For years, when I've ran the Trinity Trails, I've passed a dirt path and wondered about it. Where does it go? Is it a short trail? Is it a runner friendly trail? Is it even a trail or just a little path? Since I didn't have a distance or a time goal for the day, I decided what the hell….I'm going to check it out. Look what I discovered! Some of the areas were overgrown, so I avoided those trails, but from what I could tell, in general, it's a nice little area. If you are looking for miles of trails, I don't think this is it, but if you are looking for a beautiful view of Ft. Worth and a nice dirt loop with a few uphills, this is the spot!

I finally got some dirt on my new shoes!

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