Saturday, February 01, 2014

One Day We Will Grow-Up

Having kids is a great excuse to do silly things like play at Pump it Up.
These are photos from William's party, last weekend.

One of these days, we'll grow-up, but no promises. Trey raced our neighbor through an obstacle course. Guess who won?
Pump it Up
Trey lost twice, but he still managed to have a great time. Pump it Up
My stomach dropped when I went down this slide.
Pump it Up
What are your plans this weekend? 
-We have a fun night scheduled at AT&T Stadium.
- I plan on running long, at some point, probably before Sunday - since we may get snow. Two weekends ago, I ran 19 miles. Last week, I took a mini long-run vacation, but this week, I'd like to get back to it.
- Church
- Super Bowl !!!!!! I predict Denver will win. 
- Maybe trying a new recipe

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