Friday, February 28, 2014

More than One Week in Photos

This reminds me of Trey.
You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore
I was cleaning out my hard drive and found this gem. Chey and Angelica
All the freebies I got at the cowtown Expo Free yogurt from the expo
...and then next day, was a repeat from 2011, when I walked away with a huge box of yogurt. Sunday, after the race, the volunteers were shoving food at the finishers, it was the end of the race day - 12:45 ish, so I'm sure they were just trying to not have to load it back up.
…"take this. Do you want more? Take as much as you want! Here's a box, fill it up!" Thank you.
Trey was like, ummm you ran 31 miles and then carried that box to the car?
The kids hanging out with grandparents at the trailer, while I was recovering from the race. Untitled
We are still Foam Rolling
Lately, Trey has been using me like an electric blanket, when he slips into bed.
The girls spend so much time together. I think next year, when Chey goes to school - they will miss each other.
Untitled Untitled
Someone is eager to drive Untitled

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