Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Dance. Dance. And For Me, Ultra Running is Mostly Mental.

Chey showing me a my little pony dance she learned. Chey jumping and giggling at the ends cracks me up.

And then we were trying to get Dakota to join in.

In other news
I just realized the Cowtown Ultra Marathon is 3 weekends away!
I feel pretty good about my training, I've been consistently running every week for months now (sure I've missed a few long runs here and there, but over all I've been consistent) and I've had some great long runs the past  few weeks…. ---- for me, the majority of an ultra is mental. It's having a no quit attitude and pushing through, when your mind is telling you to stop. Having a good baseline of training with lots of miles also helps! I don't want to dismiss that.
Here's my training from last week.

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