Thursday, January 09, 2014

Work Stuff & This is my Office

This is what I've been up to at work. Product testing.
GoPro Test in my office
Have you ever seen my office? Here is one view of it. I really like my space! No, I love it! There's lots of room for me to roll around in my office chair. I remember when I interviewed for the position, I was shown the office and I was told, "if you are hired, this would be your office." I was so excited and I hadn't even been offered the job. I have it decorated super girly. On the opposite side of the wall I have three flower framed photos.

The above photo is a still frame from the GoPro Hero 3+
So, where was I…Yeah, product testing. This is such a wonderful toy!
GoPro Hero +3
And this is an audio recording device. Today, I used it to re-record a voiceover for a video I'm working on. It looks really complicated, but it's not.
TASCAM DR-40 mic check
I'll leave you with two images of my girls.
The Girls at home
Lately, Dakota is obsessed with those PJs. When she sees them she barks. haha!
The Girls at home

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