Saturday, January 11, 2014

My 365 Video Project, Running with a Gang and a Week of Photos

So, like I mentioned before I'm doing a 365 project. I'm recording a second of video everyday this year. To make things interesting, I will post my progress on the blog every now and then. Here's what I have from Jan. 1 - 11.
How is your weekend so far? I'm doing great. I spent a small portion of my morning at the Cowtown Marathon office.
Cowtown Office
This morning I ran 16 miles. I met up with a huge group of runners, who plan on running the Cowtown Marathon. (photo credit: Cowtown). Can you find me? Here's a hint, I'm wearing pink. Before that picture was taken, I only knew two people there….during that long run, I made several new friends. Running brings people together! Afterwards, we ate free food. Yum!
Cowtown training run
Ok, now for the random photos from my week. Here's another view of my office, but a different angle. I have 5 computer monitors. They all serve a purpose. (that's how I justify it)
Office GoPro Screenshot
Kids these days are so spoiled…so many monitors, even in the car. Oh, wait…..
Living it up in a mini-van
Mrs. Amanda had a check-up doctors appt. While she was at the appt, she made Chey wear this mask. She was sick, but not that sick. I laughed so hard. It was funny.
To scare people
Chey and Luke having a sweet moment together. Well, that's all I have. Good night.

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