Friday, January 17, 2014

Not All Test Shots Have to Be Boring & My Business Goals

Happy Friday, everyone!
Not All Test Shots Have to be boring
Earlier this week, I complied a 2013 Financial Report for my business. Wowzzza! The numbers looked good! It was an incredible first year of business. That's really why I'm jumping. LOL! Thanks for your support!

My first love is and will always be cinema. If I had to choose between photo or cinema --- hands down I would pick cinema work. However, there is no denying my love for photography. After reviewing my first year in business, it is obvious photography is carrying DA Video Photo Services. My goal for this year is to immerse myself with education as much as I can about the art of head shot photography. Hey, and why not have a little fun, in the process?
Not all test shots have to be boring
Another goal in 2014 is to record at least 5 weddings. So far, I have two on the calendar.
Also, to experiment with cinema and photography and not get so worked up on getting an immediate shot, but really take my time. That's so hard when documenting a wedding day because everything moves soooo fast!

I plan on connecting with new professionals in the field. I have a meeting in a few days with a wedding photographer to eat burgers and discuss business stuff.

I'll keep you posted on the fun happenings throughout the year. Thanks again!

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