Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ice Skating in Ft. Worth!

Have you been to Panther Island Ice? It's Ft. Worth's first outdoor ice skating rink. This is at the same location where Coyote Drive-In is located.
After church, on Sunday, I took Angelica and Cheyenne.
Ice Skating for the first time
We were freezing!!!! But we had a blast. I kept asking Chey…Do you want to leave? Are you ok? Are you having fun??? She said, yes I want to stay. I'm having fun!!! We skated for about 3 hours. Ice Skating for the first time
I think both of the girls are better at ice skating than roller skating…well, they picked up faster.
Cheyenne almost fell, see for yourself.

This was her right before we left. She got the hang of it!

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