Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trey Likes Minivans

Trey and I went to the Honda dealership to see how much they would give us for a trade-in. While we were there we test drove a Pilot. We both like it, if we go with an SUV we will most likely be getting one of those…While we were waiting Trey was drooling over an Odyssey. Trey is a minivan kind of man, who knew???? Maybe when he's going through his midlife crisis he will get one.
I get it, minivans have a ton of room and they are spacious and convenient…but they are not for me.
We spent a few hours at the dealership, so the sales guy gave us tokens for lunch. Now, I feel like I have to buy a car from this guy! I mean, it's only fair.
The car salesman bought my lunch. Yum.
Erin and Mike spent a few nights at our house. So, while we were test driving and such, Chey was spending time with Brianna. They went to breakfast, shopping, got matching outfits and then went to the trampoline park. Like their shirts say, BEST DAY EVER!!!
Dakota was having fun too. She was with us you know, wearing poofy clothes and creating more crumbs in the backseat for me to clean. Thanks.

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