Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New Camera Bag That Doubles as a Purse #KellyMoore

But first this…I LOVE this picture! This is from Clara's Tea Party.
Clara's Tea Party with Texas Ballet Theater
Okay, now for my post…
For about 3 years, I've been eyeballing kelly moore bags. A Purse (slash) Camera bag, what's not to love?

This is a still frame from the Crummel wedding. It's hard to see but this is what my typical get-up looks like…I film with a 5D Mark III and while I film, I wear a crossover bag.
Filming at Crummel Wedding
Here is the purse I've been using for years. Very pretty, but not so practical.  
Whether it's a wedding or photo event like pinning, I always have a crossover purse on, while I work. The only exception is studio.
In my tiny purse I carry:
- 1 Camera Battery
- 50 mm lens (sometimes)
- SD/CF Card Wallet
- 4 AA Batteries
- Business Cards
My little purse is starting to rip! For years, I've been meaning to replace it with another crossover suitable for formal occasions.
What I'd also like to carry in my purse, that I haven't been able to carry, due to size limitations:
- iPhone
- More AA Batteries
- T2i Back-up Camera
- Back-up Battery for VidPro LED Light

Here's the solution: a Kelly Moore Posey 2 purse. 

Instead of buying online, I went to one of the local camera shops in town, Arlington Camera. The sales guy wasn't sure if the bags were still on sale, so he asked (I'm assuming the manager) and he said sure, give her the discount! Yay, 10% off! Here's a video of Kelly Moore talking about the bag. She said the reason she created this bag was because it was the perfect size to carry when filming weddings. I totally agree! Perfect size!

Posey 2 Bag from Kelly Moore Clark on Vimeo.

MeFoto Globetrotter 
While I was there I also got a MeFoto Globetrotter tripod. This tripod is so adorable. Can I call it that? I haven't had a chance to play with it too much, but I reallyyyyyyy want it to work out for taking studio portraits. I hope it does. I need something light, but sturdy enough to hold a large DSLR. This can hold up to 27 lbs. It also doubles as a monopod and folds away so tiny! At the bottom of the picture is the bag. I told you, T-I-N-Y.
MeFoto globetrotter Tripod for the small business

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