Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Week in Photos

Yesterday afternoon, Tasha and I went to Abilene for a quick trip.
We were there to celebrate Meriah's  sweet sixteen birthday. It was a quick trip indeed, I was on the road, to head back home - Sunday (this morning), at 7 am. Chey and I had a tea party to go to, more on that in another post.
Sweet Sixteen  Sweet Sixteen
My mom and all her girls.
Sweet Sixteen
Tasha bought that dress, literally 5 minutes before we went to the party. As soon as we got to Abilene, I dropped her off at the store. She went in, bought this dress and then walked out wearing it.
Sweet Sixteen
Dakota was walking all over the dance floor!
Sweet Sixteen
And Chey was dancing all over the dance floor. For a shy girl, she sure does like to dance in front of people.
Sweet Sixteen
The hardest decision I had to make this week. Fur boots or riding boots. I've had those fur boots for several years, I should wearing them more often. P.S. I love my riding boots. Last week, some random man approached me and said my wife loves your boots and I was like - I KNOW! They are awesome, go buy her a pair for Christmas! I got them at nordstroms.
I had a difficult decision to make.
And now, for my random pics….
See all the boxes that went to the attic. Thank you ice storm! All the "down time" allowed me to organize the girls closet.
Growth Chart
Christmas card from TBT. Ok, that's all I have. It's 10:54 pm and I still have not got my 1 mile in for the day. Time to go running, I hope!
My favorite Christmas card! @TBTheater

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