Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wig on Baby (Kind of)

Most babies are bald(ish). Dakota is about a year and a half and she doesn't have much hair. In case you are wondering what she would look like with more hair, here is a visual. I see hair, but mostly the cutest chubby baby face, ever.
Long Hair on Dakota '
She'd make a beautiful brunette.
Long Hair on Dakota
Right now, her hair is more of a dirty blonde or light brown. Her hair and eyes are the same, they can't seem to settle on a definite color.
She fits anywhere
Even with her short hair, she is not exempt from a bad hair day.
I miss my girls, both of them are out of town for the week visiting family in Abilene. This is Dakota's first long stretch away from me. I think we are weaning, for realzzz this time. (super sad face, right here).
Crazy Hair

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