Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Hurry to Walk, Video Chatting & Weekday Date Night

I'm really missing my girls, today. They've been in Abilene since, Monday.
Earlier this week, before the girls left town, I took a few photos of Dakota.
Dakota Sky
She is 69 weeks which is 15.8689 months old <<<------- yes, I just googled that.
Dakota is 69 weeks
"By now, most children are walking fairly well." I'm still waiting for Dakota to take her first steps, on her own. During her last appt. the doctor didn't seem too concerned. He said, if she hasn't started walking by 18 months, if I wanted, he would recommend a specialist. The specialist would come to our home and observe Dakota in her own environment and I guess see what's wrong with me? Haha. I don't know. I don't think, it will get to that point. She's just taking her sweet time with the walking thing.
Dakota Sky
Most kids start walking by 12 - 14 months....or at least that's what I've read.
Dakota Sky
Have you ever video chatted with a toddler? I almost lost my dinner. Cheyenne was running all over the place with the phone in hand. Think blair witch project.
FaceTime with Cheyenne
Remember when I had to teach Chey how to take a proper selfie? I might have to teach her how to properly conduct a video chat.
FaceTime with Cheyenne
Last night, Trey and I took advantage of the girls being out of town. We went to The Keg, my treat! Date Night at The Keg
Date Night at The Keg

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