Friday, September 20, 2013

Trailhead Clearfork

Hey, guys I kind of love my town. One of my favorite places is the Trinity Trails. The TT covers over 40 miles across Cowtown and connects to 21 parks. It's a hot spot for running, walking, tubing, paddle boarding, fishing, cycling and more.
I've taken a handful of photos of the Trinity River during my runs and outings, over the years.
Train Ride
The city has been developing a recreational area right off the trail, it's called the Trailhead and it's located near the Clearfork development. On Saturday, the girls and I went to the grand opening.
enduraLAB was out there leading a complimentary workout. (This is the Group photo, from them).
The Trailhead
The area is nice, there were two food trucks, picnic tables and an area for children to play. I like how they have a bathroom and access to cool drinking water! I wouldn't mind swinging by there during a long run.
Check out The Trailhead site to find out about more complimentary workouts and family friendly activities going on this fall.
Chey loved it! She even got a cool tin bottle with the Trailhead logo.

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