Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sickness, Arrowhead Stadium & Royals Mascot Taunt Cowboys Fans

Sunday night was a rough night for Dakota. She tossed and turned and cried on and off all night. Monday, I had a scheduled 15 month appointment. The doctor confirmed an ear infection. Last night, she wasn't cranky, but she wanted me to hold her and she wanted to nurse longer than usual. She's not the only one feeling down. Amanda's kiddos are dealing with sickness and Chey has also been dealing with allergies. It's just that time of year.

Untitled Untitled
Here is a little snippet on what's going on with Dakota at 66 Weeks. She currently weighs 23 pounds. She loves climbing on the sofa and dancing.
Dakota is 66 weeks
Here is my training from last week. It's been really nice training on campus during my lunch break. It's keeping me consistent. Since, Trey was out of town, I decided not to do a long run, since my only option was the treadmill. Instead of running long, I joined some friends for a group exercise. I'll write about that in another post.
Daily Mile Training
While, I've been holding down the fort, Trey's been having a lot of fun...
Arrowhead Stadium
He's been mingling with cheerleaders. Seeing his hands to his side there, make me laugh! Haha! Chey was so jealous, when I showed her this photo. She pouted and said, "I want to see them!" If you know of any Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders appearances, let me know.
Kansas City Cheerleaders
The guys had great seats at Arrowhead.
Last night, they went to the Kansas Royals Baseball game.
The guys had on Cowboys shirts. The Royals mascot taunted them for that.

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