Monday, July 15, 2013

We Met with a Pool Designer & A 10 Miler on the Treadmill

Hi! How was your weekend?
Dakota has been busy selecting the tiles for our pool. Well, perhaps our future pool.
Talking about a pool
Saturday morning we met with a pool designer and he told us about all the finishes and options. I kept saying, "Wow! That's nice!!!!!" followed by...."how much?"
Talking about a pool
So apparently, I have expensive tastes. Everything I saw and liked is an upgrade. I had to reel myself-in and go to the affordable - standard wall. Everything you see on the right is standard. Trey and I found several tiles on that wall. Trey was thinking about having a Dallas Cowboys Theme pool (Star and all), but the designer asked him the question, "What if you want to sell your house and you lose a potential buyer because the guy is a Redskins fan?" Good point! So, I'll keep you posted on the pool process. Not sure if it's a done deal for us.
Talking about a pool
I had a super run week!
Run time
It rained Sunday during my long run. I ran outside for 6 miles and it started pouring, so I had to finish 10 miles on the treadmill. I kept stepping off the belt, every mile or so. Ugh! 10 miles is 10 miles and it was done in over an hour.  A long run on a treadmill is not my go to option, but I'm thankful I at least have that option when it's raining and lightning outside.

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