Friday, July 12, 2013

Feel Good Friday: S'mores. Ginger Medicine Cabinet. and a Plug

Happy Friday to you!
When I left my Mom's house, on Sunday, (like a nice momma, she is), she sent me home with ingredients to make S'mores. Thanks, Mom!

How do you make your s'mores, when you are at home, away from a campfire? I made mine in the oven. I set the crackers and a marshmallow in the oven on a broil setting, until the marshmallow starts to brown and then, I take it out of the oven, I add 3 pieces of hershey on top of the marshmallow and then top it off with the warm graham cracker. I tried adding half a bar of chocolate to my s'more, but in this case more is not always best. The chocolate oozed out and got everywhere. Trust me, 3 pieces is plenty! It is Perfection! Other than babies, I think s'mores are one of God's wonderful gifts to me.

You might be married to a ginger if your medicine cabinet looks like this. I love my light-skinned family.
But really, this is the reason why we need 5 gallons of sunblock...look at my car temperture. 115!
Staying inside and playing indoors, during the high-heat of the day is necessary.
Untitled Untitled
So, the Crummel wedding is a wrap! Soon, I will be delivering 10 DVD's to my clients. I originally had that image on the front of the DVD case and later I decided to swap out that pic, for the photo on the right. It seemed more wedding official, to me.
Untitled Crummel Wedding
I'll leave you with the still frames I included in the DVD menu: Crummel Wedding
Can we talk about how beautiful this couple is?
Crummel Wedding
Crummel Wedding
Crummel Wedding Crummel Wedding
The next weeding on my list is my dear friend Sherri's wedding. After that, I don't have anything on my calendar (as far as weddings go). If you know a couple getting married, it would mean the world to me if you would send them my way. I've recently updated my website and now it includes prices. If you compare my prices with other wedding videographers, I think you will see, that I'm affordable. Ok, enough with the small business plug, you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!! Stay cool!
Crummel Wedding

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