Wednesday, June 05, 2013

For Every 100 Episodes I Watch, I Make 1 Thing

As I've mentioned countless times,
I'm a little obsessed with the daytime cooking show, The Chew!
I have watched ever episode for at least a year now --- keep in mind that show airs Mon- Fri. It's a 60 minute long show.Just about every recipe they make, looks delicious to me, but this one was so easy I had to make it. So, Cheyenne and I did. Cheyenne helped me mix all the ingredients.
Cooking Popcorn Balls with Cheyenne
Popcorn Balls:
I am so taking these to the next potluck! If you like s'mores and rice crispy treats, you'll love these. 


Week 1 of Training for Rough Creek 40 miler
Here's what last week looked like for me. I planned on running back to back long runs on Saturday and Sunday, but life happened. So, I did a 30 minute cross training session...weights and stuff. The reason I couldn't get out and run Saturday is because I slept-in (sleeping in for me is 6:30 am) and by the time I was ready to run around 7:30, Trey had to go to work. It's not like I could take Cheyenne and Dakota with me on my run....and there was no way I was going to attempt that distance on the treadmill -- Sometimes I'm desperate and I'll run that distance on a treadmill, but that day I was not feeling it. 
Training Week 1 of 16

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