Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Lunch Breaks

For the past two weeks, during the lunch hour, I've been leaving campus and driving down the street to feed Dakota. It's nice having that option. The last thing I want to do is pump, if I don't have to. It's also nice that I have the option to step away from work.

Can you believe Dakota is almost one? Her birthday is June 11th. I'm soooo looking forward the day I don't have to pump anymore, but it makes me sad to know that this may be the last child I breastfeed. Breastfeeding is a special bond and I know it weirds some people out or whatever...but it's special and there really is no other way to describe it other than that.
DakotaCheyenne being silly

Earlier this week, Luke had a performance at school. One of his take home assignments was to have an adult help him outline his body on a large paper and then draw clothes and color it in. There was also an "about me" form that the kids were asked to fill-out. Even though Cheyenne does not go to school, Mrs. Amanda was so thoughtful and included Cheyenne. She got extra supplies from Luke's teachers and Mrs. Amanda helped her complete the assingment at her house. A few weeks ago, the teachers at Luke's school let Chey display her work with the other kids. How nice is that???
Luke had an end of the year performance and it looks like the teachers let Chey participate in snack time while they waited. They love her! Of course they do!

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