Wednesday, March 06, 2013

9 Years, Today & Date Night Ideas from a Toddler

March 6th 2004, I was a sophomore at Abilene Christian University. I got married to Trey during spring break. At the time I was 19 and Trey was 21. I had people tell me I was too young, but Trey and I had been dating all through high school and we were ready. I'm so glad I married this man. It was going to happen whether I was 19 or 30 years old.

So, today I raise a glass to us! 9 wonderful years and many, many more to come!
2004 Wedding Photo
Saturday, my older sister Amy watched the girls for us, so we could go on a date and celebrate. We went to The KEG.  Have you been? The food is wonderful. I wish I could eat there every weekend. We plan on going out again, on Saturday. Trey's co-worker and his girlfriend have volunteered to babysit, while we go out to eat.

I asked Cheyenne what would be a good date night for mommy and daddy and she came up with this:
"You should go eat hamburgers, then get ice cream and then go to the playground." 
That actually sounds like fun and then she said she wanted to join us. Maybe we'll have a third celebration and include the girls and do all the fun things, Cheyenne wants to do.

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