Friday, February 08, 2013

My Week in Photos

To me, this was a big deal. Earlier this week, I went to the bank and opened my Video and Photography business account. The girls went with me. All they want to know is how soon can mom put us on the payroll? Please refer to me as CEO, from this point forward. :)
I re-stocked my coffee. Dark Magic, folgers - vanilla biscotti, vanilla carmel and a few more packs, that I can't remember. I'm busy working on building-up, my Keurig Points. I think I'm 38 years away from reaching my goal of having enough points to get a Keurig machine for the office.
My box of coffee is here!
Lately, we've been working on letter recognition. You know what impresses me? When people can recite ABC's backwards. Can you do that? 2013 Goal????
Cheyenne Learning ABC's on the Kindle
This is how Dakota feels when I tell her she has to eat real people food (pic on left) and then when she gets what she wants (pic on right)...Haha, kidding. Smiley Dakota was with Mrs. Amanda at the park. However, she does hate food.
Dakota Bear Crying. She was not happy. Untitled
I took this photo to prove to Trey that I offer her table food. She sucked on that orange for a whole 2 minutes and then chunked it on the floor. "What the hell, mom? What the hell?" 
 Dakota Bear Eating an Orange (trying)
Amanda has been sending me pictures of the girls, while I'm at work --here are a few.
Dakota made a friend, this is Molly and apparently Dakota feels threaten the dog will steal her wipes.  I want to say their dog is like 8 years old or something, which in doggie years is ancient.
 Dakota Bear
How boys color (left side) and how girls color (right side). Untitled
and resting
Everyone have a fantastic weekend. Hopefully, I will get out of this running funk and have a decent long run. This Sunday, I will actually make it to church! Gotta get that run in, early!

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