Friday, February 01, 2013

My Week in Photos

Today, marks the 10th year of the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® movement. Here's a group photo I took at work. Super Cute, right????

How is your heart and what are you doing to take care of it? On a health note, Trey has been going to the gym, for the past few weeks. He's back on the workout wagon. Good for him!
Fighting Heart Disease with Awareness
Dakota likes hanging out in the baby sling, while I mop. She's about 15 pounds, so after a few minutes my shoulder was killing me.
Hanging out in the sling.
This is not exactly a photo that was taken this week, but here's me bowling AKA kicking booty! Yeah, right -- remember, I suck at bowling. I'll get better though, you just wait and see. Dom Bowling
I know ladies will appreciate this -- I think I finally found the perfect lip shade. Well, it's actually a color comb --  Revlon lip-liner and Maybelline lipstick. I like natural shades. I wear brown eyeshadow and blush. Ladies, what do you wear? Awhile back, I use to wear charcoal eyeshadow. I might start wearing that shade again.
make-up lipstick lip liner
The cheddar bunnies, were in Cheyenne's reach. She grabbed the entire bag and when I found her she said, "I won't eat the entire bag!"
Dakota is outgrowing her bassinet.

Well, have a fantastic weekend. I plan on running, cooking, baking, editing, possibly hosting a super bowl party, chores and more.
dakota Outgrowing her bassinet

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