Monday, February 04, 2013

I have a confession to make

I missed church on Sunday, to run.
But seeing this landscape was praise and worship to my senses. How great is our God? 
I missed trail running. Nowadays, when I go for a long run, I stay close to home and by that, I mean I circle the neighborhood. I needed this trail run! 
Trail Running
I ran a little over 10 miles at a moderate pace. I over-dressed BIG TIME and hated my long sleeve pullover, especially at mile 5. You know it's hotter than hades, if an 8 month post-partum momma would rather run in a sports bra than a long sleeve sweater. And I did.
Trail Running
Runners tan line in February is possible -- only in Texas.
Trail Running
Super Bowl: 
Last night, Trey and I hosted a super bowl party. We had four couples and a lot of kiddos at our house. I counted heads and there was a total of 18 warm bodies. Who cares about the game...What was your favorite commercial???l Hands down, I loved Clydesdales Horse. I had to fight back tears, I'm not even joking!

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