Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Can't Carry a Tune: My First Karaoke Experience

Saturday night, I went to Jessica's birthday party. She is quite the singer and wanted to celebrate by doing karaoke. She is the one holding the mic in the pic below.
Karaoke Party
Jeff, her husband, rented a private karaoke room...oddly enough at Main Event, the same place we celebrated Cheyenne's birthday party like 3 hours prior. When I arrived to the karaoke room, there was some technical issues, so the manager provided a few rounds of drinks on the house and also refunded their money for the room, to make up for it. An hour later, we were singing. By that time, we had our playlist and we were off!

I met Jessica and Jeff through Cheyenne.
Last year, Cheyenne became good friends with her classmate, Sophia.
Sophia is Jessica and Jeff's daughter. Interesting fact, the live several houses down from us.

Trey stayed at home and watched the girls. I told him all about it and now, I'm trying to convince him to have his holiday party there.
Karaoke Party
I'm so glad Jessica and Jeff invited me.
I had a blast singing and rapping.
Karaoke Party

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