Wednesday, October 07, 2015

If I Could, I'd Live in an Airstream

Trey wants a camper.
I'm not as open to the idea, but Trey is pretty convincing when he wants something.
For kicks, we toured an Airstream. If you've ever looked up the MSRP you know they are pricey! But I'll tell you what....I walked into that Airstream and I was like, I WANT THIS. I could see myself traveling the US or parking it when not in use and using it as an office. How cool would that be? A girl can dream.
Here is the living area of one we are considering. I'm not sure a camper would be a good fit for our lifestyle, but we are thinking about it. We'll see, how much Trey can convince me. If we get one, I'll be sure to write about it and if I never mention it again, you'll know it didn't happen.

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