Friday, June 19, 2015

The Girls are Back

The girls spent a week in Abilene visiting with family. Today, I reunited with them. I missed them so much!
The girls had a fun time visiting everyone...
The girls visiting in Abilene
Trey and I had a few date nights, while they were away.
Date night west 7th district
Mid-week, we went to the theater to watch Jurassic World.  We bought our tickets before the show. We had time to kill before the movie, so we walked around the mall. Without realizing it, Trey dropped our tickets. We re-traced our steps and found them at the shoe department. They had been there for at least 30 minutes.
The movie tickets we dropped and returned to at least 40 mins later and they were still there.
While we were out, I splurged on Prada sunglasses. This is my first pair of sunglasses that have cost more than $15 bucks.
Went with Prada shades
In the driveway selfie #newshades

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