Saturday, January 10, 2015

I Can Finally Check This Off My To-Do List

Wednesday, I had all four wisdom teeth extracted. It feels good to finally have that out of the way! The doctor said no running for a week, today is the first day I felt well enough to do light strength and cardio. Trey took a picture of me right after surgery, but it looks so rough. I'm not sure if anyone should ever see that pic. LOL. My face is still swollen.

Have I mentioned I'm training for Cowtown Ultra? I am. This year, the race will be March 1st.
I can't wait, This will be my 5th ultra!

I haven't posted about my 2015 goals, but I would love to run an ultra trail race this fall.


  1. You should look into the Brazos Bend trail races. There's one in April and another in Dec. we just do the 10/25ks, but they are 50 and 100milr trail races. Talk about ultras!

    1. That is a big possibility! Thanks for the heads up! I've looked at several in the Houston area, I'm sure I've come across that one. I'll look into it again. I hope you and your family are doing well! Thanks for reading the blog!