Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Five Year Old Can Bowl Better Than Me

Unfortunately, Trey had to work Saturday night - but that didn't stop us girls from going out and having fun, instead of it being family time with Trey, it ended up being a girls night out. 
My niece was also with us. Chey played using the kiddie bumpers, I should also mentioned she won both games. I suck so bad at bowling. I won't embarrass myself and mention my score. We all had fun and that's the main thing that counts, right??? Watch this clip, I love the way Cheyenne celebrates.

After bowling, I sent Trey this message: Don't be mad, but I'm letting the girls eat in the car. 
Ok, he doesn't get mad, but he gets pretty annoyed when there are crumbs in the car....I don't blame him. By no means are we perfect or rigid, but we attempt to keep the car "a dinning free area." But you've gotta let loose every now and then....

In case you are wondering, we went to sonic.

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